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DateAug 31, 2017
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Using a living style guide to drive development is a practice that is gaining a lot of popularity because its many advantages, including code efficiency and UI consistency. But, how can you create one? What should you include? And where do you even start? In this course, you’ll learn all about planning your style guide, creating pages and documenting stylesheets using the open source tool: DocumentCSS.

The living style guide serves as a framework of definitions for UI elements (such as headings, lists, links, input controls, etc.) and as a library of components (such as navigation systems, toolbars, search tools, grid tables, etc.) that are available for use. This means that development is not started from scratch every time. Instead, it builds upon existing definitions in the UI system and contributes to it.

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Section 1Planning Your Style Guide
Lesson 1The Beauty of Living Style Guides
Lesson 2Creating a Style Guide Site Map
Section 2Creating Pages
Lesson 3Installing the Sample Application
Lesson 4Creating a Page
Section 3Documenting Stylesheets
Lesson 5Adding Documentation in a Stylesheet
Lesson 6Creating Style Sections
Lesson 7Tutorial Summary