Tutorial Summary

Congratulations on completing the tutorial!

Living Style Guides are a tool to create more consistent and cohesive UI designs, and you can really take advantage of them when applying the Style Guide Driven Development Approach and when Designing in a Modular Way.

At this point, you should have a running living style guide for our sample app, and a well thought-out plan to create a living style guide that you can use as a baseline for other projects.

We invite you to share this tutorial with others and to reach out with any questions or observations.

The Bitovi Design Team


Designing in a Modular Way

Explore the concepts of modular design and their application to user interface design. And learn how you can create designs in a modular way and how you can use a living style guide to aide the process.

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Using Style Guide Driven Development

Learn how you can use Style Guide Driven Development in your development workflow. Learn about the process, along with examples and compelling arguments to get you and your team on board.

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