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In this free tutorial you’ll learn how you can use Style Guide Driven Development in your development workflow. We will drill down into the different parts of the process, along with examples and compelling arguments to get you and your team on board.

The Style Guide Driven Development (SGDD) approach lays the groundwork for building more scalable and maintainable applications while providing a common place, a Living Style Guide for communicating among developers, designers, and stakeholders.

Learn SGDD and bridge the gap between interface design and technical information and boost development time and team communication.

We hope you like the course!

The Bitovi Design Team

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Section 1Intro to SGDD
Lesson 1What is SGDD?
Lesson 2Living Style Guides vs Traditional Style Guides
Lesson 3Why use Style Guide Driven Development?
Section 2The SGDD Process
Lesson 4Discovery Phase
Lesson 5Abstraction Phase
Lesson 6Implementation & Documentation Phase
Lesson 7Integration Phase
Section 3The Communication Benefit
Lesson 8Creating a Common Language
Lesson 9Centralizing Documentation
Lesson 10Tutorial Summary

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