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DateAug 31, 2017
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Modular design encourages us to think and design user interfaces and user experience in patterns. For example, instead of designing a series of pages or views to enable a user to accomplish a task, the design process starts by first understanding the way the UI system is structured and which components can be used to create the user flow.

In this course we will explore the concepts of modular design and their application to user interface design. We will also delve into how you can create designs in a modular way and how you can use a living style guide to aide the process.

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Section 1Modular Design in the UI
Lesson 1Intro to Modular Design
Lesson 2Modular UI Examples
Lesson 3Modular vs Homogenous Design
Section 2Designing in a Modular Way
Lesson 4Modularizing Your Designs
Lesson 5Using Atomic Design
Section 3Using a Living Style Guide
Lesson 6Advantages of using a Living Style Guide
Lesson 7Common Pitfalls
Lesson 8Tutorial Summary

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